Hi there,

I am a passionate industrial design student. As president of the IDSA chapter at UW, I love to organize events to connect industry professional with our ID cohort. I am interested in challenging problems, engaging with people, and working collaboratively. 


I recently won a Gray Award in the student design category for PREPI. I’m honored to be UW's IDSA Student Merit Award 2020 Finalist.

I like to think of myself as an artist turned industrial designer. After seven formative years of art school, I had a passion for aesthetics but longed for problem solving and a way to help people. My passion for design is fueled by knowing the best is yet to come.

I thrive in the unknown, but with a sketchbook and pen, I can come up with something. 

Say hi! I'm always up for a cup of coffee.

 — Jack

I did this drawing while considering moving to Seattle. Now I'm looking for a new city to sketch. ;)