what if our memories were stored in the stars?



Design a product that utilizes nostalgia as its primary theme.


EVOKE is a memory storage and re-discovery device. This product imagines your memories as stars in a memory jar, The jar doubles as both an abstract interface of your memories as well as a projector for re-discovery.


10 weeks


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ID Capstone

Design Show

situation: Memories


of the parents interviewed kept photos and objects to save the memories of their children’s childhoods.

consequence: Nostalgia


of the parents interviewed of the parents interviewed say they interact with these artefacts often. 

what i think

Parents deserve a better way to save and rediscover memories of their children, with their children.

Parents deserve a better way to save and rediscover the memories of their children.

How EVOKE Works

Parents needn't fear forgetting their memories and experiences with their children. Instead they can recall and retell them to Evoke during bedtime. Each memory saved as a star and re-shared with children to enhance the memory sharing experience.

Enjoy time spent with your kids as they grow up.

Retell your memories. The audio will be saved alongside photos from your home photo network.

Each memory is saved like a star in your memory galaxy.

Bring the device to share your life stories during bedtime.

Set it down, uncork the wand and let the memories spill out into the room.

Stars act like queues for memories you've forgotten. They spark a conversation for the bigger story to re-tell and re-live.