Glaucoma Monitoring System

TONO is a "tele-medical" product system for people living with glaucoma that provides an at-home solution to eye-pressure measurements and medication monitoring. 




10 weeks — Fall 2019

This was a solo project. With this project, my goal was to improve my 3D modeling skills with the practical design goal of having an impact on people with Glaucoma. I referenced emerging technologies to inform the feasibility of all design.

How might we design a product for people living with glaucoma that provides an actionable relationship with their disease development and treatment.

Disease Impact?

Glaucoma Consequence


Leading cause of blindness in the US.


People in the US living with this vision disease.


Primary Stressors


Eye exam pressure tests are stressful and take place only every 3 months.


Eye drops are required multiple times a day but with no obvious impact.


Glaucoma happens too slowly to notice but it is impossible to get vision back.

Referencing Emerging Tech: 

Rebound Pressure Technology

The iCare Tonometer IC100 uses an emerging technology called rebound technology. Instead of painful air puff tests, rebound technology uses a probe to bounce off the lens of an eye to test pressure.

It allows for more often, and more comfortable pressure tests at the optometrists office.

How TONO Works

TONO's primary goal is to shorten the feedback loop between medication and disease condition, offering an actionable relationship with their condition, daily.

Managing and monitoring glaucoma is a daily chore that starts every morning.
TONO lives in the bathroom as part of a morning routine.
Pick up the tonometer device from the charging dock.
Measure your eye pressure. The reading will display on the dock all day long.
Eye drops are taken throughout the day, so you can bring the case with you.
All data, including pressure measurements and eye drop logs are saved in the telemedicine application.
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Pressure tests only every 3 months.

Rebound technology allows for at-home pressure tests that minimize stress.

Eye pressure is displayed right on the charging dock.

No immediate feedback loop.

Communications between doctors and patients is limited.

Telemedicine app connects people with their care.