DO you drain your coffee before you toss the cup?



Design a product that mitigates liquid in waste cans.


JOJO is a liquid waste bin, commissioned by UW Recycling. Ideally, the bin would be inexpensive, attach to existing waste receptacles, and simple/ergonomic for custodians to service.




Usability Testing

situation: unnessary mess


of trash bags break open due to liquid waste.

situation: recycling issues


recycling is contaminated by liquids in waste receptacles.

what i think

UW custodial staff need a quick and easy solution to liquid waste.

Parents deserve a better way to save and rediscover the memories of their children.

How JOJO Works

To avoid extra servicing time, custodians can carry a clean bin on any service cart. The filled bin is exchanged with an empty during the daily servicing run.

Leftover liquids cause leaks and contaminate recycling.

JOJO gives users a way to dispose of their leftover liquids.

JOJO has a strainer that prevents solid waste from entering the bin.

A clean JOJO Bin can be hooked inside any service bin.

Swap the full bin for the clean empty bin during the daily run.

At the end of the shift, JOJO can be rinsed in the standard floor sink.

Prototyping JOJO

I was responsible for making a functional prototype that could be tested for five weeks in Johnson Hall, a UW building with a history of significant liquid leaks.

Our working prototype was a modified Joseph Joseph compost bin.Tray designs are 3-d printed with inset laser-cut acrylic screens.

“We love that JOJO is flexible, with clips that can be adapted to the wide range of containers and custodial carts on the UW campus.”

—Liz Gignilliat, Manager, UW Recycling