BEING Blind isn't the problem— going blind is.



Design a telemedicine product for a chronic illness.


TONO is a glaucoma monitoring system that allows people to measure their eye pressure from their home. With information comes power and peace of mind.


10 weeks


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Tactile Inc.

context: Population


people in the US have glaucoma. The long term effects of untreated glaucoma is permanent vision loss.

situation: eye exams


days people have to wait to visit a doctors office to find out their eye pressure which determines speed of vision loss.

what i think

People with glaucoma can have more control over their vision loss when empowered by more frequent pressure tests. 

Parents deserve a better way to save and rediscover the memories of their children.

Pressure reading displays on dock alongside passive reminders on the device.
Monitoring frequently for better healthcare with a telemedicine application.

How TONO Works

The ultimate goal is to help people managing their glaucoma have a more actionable relationship with their condition through more frequent at home monitoring and a telemedicine application to connect people with their healthcare professionals.

Managing and monitoring glaucoma is a daily chore that starts every morning.

TONO lives in the bathroom as part of a morning routine.

Pick up the tonometer device from the charging dock.

Measure your eye pressure. The reading will display on the dock all day long.

Eyedrops are taken throughout the day, so you can bring the case with you.

All data, including pressure measurements and eyedrop logs are saved in the telemedicine application.